What’s On My Needles 12/10/11

Strangely, all of my WIPs are patterns by Stephen West. What can I say? I’m a fan, and he’s a nice guy. It’s good to support knitwear designers!

Natural Coler Mitten in Progress

First up is another pair of Coler Fingerless gloves which I’m knitting as a gift. Doing it in Cascade 220 worsted, which is a bit thicker than the pattern calls for but it will make for a nice warm pair gloves.

Urbana in Progress

Next is an Urbana scarf. It’s going to be really nice and thick and warm. I’m a bit worried about my edges because my cast ons and offs are all over the place. However the single crochet edge will hopefully help hide a multitude of sins. Yarn is Quince & Co, which is absolutely amazing. Amazing.

Daybreak Shawl in Progress

Finally we have my lovely Daybreak shawl. Which has ground to a halt because weaving in ends is awful. I’m halfway through the stripes, but I want no ends to weave once I finish the knitting so I need to do some more and then continue knitting. As the weather is getting colder I’m getting more in the knitting mood. So I know I’ll conquer all of these projects before Christmas.

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